Using sftp

To connect to the Cluster to get/put files from your local directory (your computer):

  • Open a new shell window using ctrl t
    • sftp where __ is your username for the server
    • cd _/_ change directory to whichever location on CLUSTER that has these files
    • ls *pdf can list the files of interest to make sure it’s what you want/exists
    • lcd _/_ change directory locally (your computer)
    • lls local list the files in current local directory
  • get files from CLUSTER to local directory (your computer)
    • get *pdf download all pdf files from Cluster to your computer
  • put files from local directory to CLUSTER
    • put *bamlist copy files from local directory to CLUSTER

Using scp

Similarly, you can use scp to copy files to and from the cluster. The different here is we explicitly say where the file is and where we want to put it, vs. with sftp we can copy a whole series of files.

The structure of scp is as follows:

  • scp -P 2022 FILENAME